Affiliate T&C's


Third Party Code Usage
⁃ The influencer must not share their discount code with any third-party voucher/coupon websites.
⁃ If the influencer finds their code on any third-party website they must notify: immediately.
⁃ In the case of an influencers code being found on a third-party site, PURESEOUL will request removal on the influencers behalf.
⁃ PURESEOUL will carry out regular audits to identify misconduct involving affiliate codes being shared to third party sites.

Conflict of Interest
⁃ The influencer must not mention any of PURESEOUL’s direct competitors (e.g., other K Beauty stores) within any post containing their PURESEOUL affiliate code/link.
⁃ The influencer must not promote items gifted by PURESEOUL with a discount code from another retailer.
- The Influencers must not be a formal employee of any competitor businesses

Breach of Terms & Conditions
⁃ If a breach in the terms and condition is found, PURESEOUL have the right to withhold commission earnings from the influencer.

Affiliate Removal
⁃ PURESEOUL have the right to remove the influencer from the affiliate program at any given time.

⁃ By consenting to the terms and conditions the influencer agrees to PURESEOUL storing personal data. The data will be stored internally and will not be shared to any third party companies without direct written consent.
Removal of this data can be requested at anytime