• My Beauty Tool Lovely Etti Hair Band Etude House

    My Beauty Tool Lovely Etti Hair Band

    Give your skincare routine some seriously cute cat-titude with this comfy elasticated hair band from Etude House!The purrrfect solution to mess free mask time, and for softly keeping your hair out of your face during your skincare and makeup routines. MATERIAL: 100% Polyester SIZE: 1pc 

  • Cherry Jelly Lips Patch - Vitalising (10ml) Etude House

    Cherry Jelly Lips Patch - Vitalising (10ml)

    A super cute jelly lip patch, bursting with a sweet fruity serum to help plump and hydrate your lips. Formulated with a revitalising triple care serum containing Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen and antioxidant-rich Cherry extract to provide lightweight refreshing moisture.The silky hydrogel material provides a gentle cooling effect for the ultimate relaxing lip treatment.  HOW TO USEAfter cleansing and toning, remove the patch and peel away the clear backing. Get comfy (we recommend lying down) and leave the patch to work its magic for 20 minutes. Peel the patch away and pat any remaining essenc...

  • Collagen Eye Patch (4g) Etude House

    Collagen Eye Patch (4g)

    Hydrate and plump tired under eyes with these super sweet collagen eye patches from ETUDE HOUSE! Formulated with collagen to tighten and moisturise puffy eyes for a fresh, awake look! The soft natural fiber eye mask is plumped with juicy essence, bursting with centella asiatica and retinol for the ultimate firming, soothing combo!  HOW TO USEAfter cleansing and toning, peel away the clear film from the patch, and apply the adhesive side to your under eyes.Leave for 15 to 20mins to work their magic, and then gently pat in any remaining essence  INGREDIENTS:Water, butylene glycol, glycer...

  • My Lash Serum (9g) Etude House

    My Lash Serum (9g)

    A soothing eyelash serum that nourishes and conditions for visibly healthier looking lashes. Gently Formulated with aloe vera extract to soothe your roots and calm irritation cased by makeup removal.  HOW TO USEAfter your evening skincare routine, apply a few coats of serum as you would a mascara. Starting from the root, to the tips with a gentle combing motion. INGREDIENTSWater (Aqua), Butylene Glycol, ethanol, glycerin, phenoxy ethanol, polyacrylic acid, tromethamine, PEG -32, PEG -6, disodium this dithiol this, dangyak extract, carbonate, biotin, sodium hyaluronidase, Maltodextrin, gin...

  • All Clean Mini Kit (Inc. 7 items) Heimish

    All Clean Mini Kit (Inc. 7 items)

    Experience all your HEIMISH favourites as a super cute travel size set!THIS SET CONTAINS 1 x "Dear Bare Skin" clear travel bag 1 x 30ml All Clean Green Foam1 x 30ml All Clean White Clay Foam1 x 3ml All Clean Balm1 x 3ml Black Tea Mask Pack3 x 1.5ml Bulgarian Rose Satin Cream HOW TO USEStart with the cleansing balm by massaging into dry skin. Splash you face with warm water to emulsify the balm and then rinse thoroughly. Follow with either of the foam cleansers.Apply the black tea mask and leave for up to 15 mins, and then rinse off.Finish with the satin cream.SIZE: Includes 7 items (+1 bag)

  • Lip Sleeping Mask - Mini (3g) Laneige

    Lip Sleeping Mask - Mini (3g)

    Sleep like a baby with the fragrant promise of soft juicy lips in the morning!This mini version of the cult classic leave on mask from Laneige, melts away dead skin and flaky lips whilst you sleep so you can wake up to supple lips that feel refreshed and deeply hydrated. A rich moisture film formula coats the lips, enriched with vitamic C and bursting with anti-oxidants! This smaller 3g size if perfect for traveling or trailing the mask!  HOW TO USEUsing your finger, apply a generous layer of the mask to your lips, and leave it overnight to work its magic. Gently wipe away the ...

  • My Beauty Tool Sugar Silicon Puff Etude House

    My Beauty Tool Sugar Silicon Puff

    A multi-use bouncy silicone puff for some extra etude cuteness in your makeup and skincare routines! This is not just any old puff, it's made from non-absorbent spongey silicone to make your products last longer, and go further! HOW TO USEMakeup: Use this puff with your favourite bb creams and foundations, and lightly pat it into the skin. You will need only 1/3 of your usual amount! Skincare: Apply products such as creams and essences as oppose to using cotton pads. Masking: Place the puff in the fridge, and use it as an eye mask or over areas of inflammation to soothe and cool your skin. ...

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  • My Beauty Tool Eyebrow Razor - 1pc Etude House

    My Beauty Tool Eyebrow Razor - 1pc

    Brow shaping just got a whole lot cuter!  Simply snap and shape with this adorable pink flamingo eyebrow razor from Etude House! Perfect for effortlessly trimming and maintaining your desired brow shape. SIZE: 1pc

  • Jeju Life Perfumed Hand Cream - (30ml) 10 Types 10 Types Innisfree

    Jeju Life Perfumed Hand Cream - (30ml)

    A gorgeous range of deeply scented hand creams, richly inspired by the captivating seasons of beautiful Jeju Island.This fast-absorbing hand cream deeply nourishes without any stickiness for effortlessly soft and supple skin.Formulated with exclusive Innisfree semi-wax technology for long-lasting fragrance. The rich cream traps the scent, and as it melts into your skin it slowly releases a beautiful fragrance as if you are wearing perfume. THE SCENTSJanuary (Powdery) Laundry: A soft and nostalgic scent of morning laundry, that you might expect to come across in a cosy island guest house. Fe...

  • My Beauty Tool Jelly Fish Silicon Brush Etude House

    My Beauty Tool Jelly Fish Silicon Brush

    An adorable silicone jellyfish brush to add a splash of etude cuteness to your cleansing routine.This soft brush helps to massage the skin to create create thick foamy lathers, and provides gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin cells. HOW TO USEUse on days you need a little extra TLC and physical exfoliation in your cleansing routine.Wet the brush, and squeeze some of your favourite cleanser into the hole in the bottom of the brush. Work up a soft lather in your hands, and then use the top bristles in small massaging circles around your face. Thoroughly rinse the brush after use, ready for...

  • Refresh Water - Mini (70ml) Heimish

    Refresh Water - Mini (70ml)

    Your favourite cleansing water, now as a travel size mini!A multi-tasking refresh water packed with botanical vitamins and minerals, that preps skin like a toner, and refreshes like a cleanser!Perfect for sensitive skin, the alcohol-free formula mildly cleanses, helps to hydrate the skin and balance your PH level. The natural AHA and BHA gently exfoliate without stripping the skin, and tone to create a perfect base by boosting the effects of any products applied afterwards.  HOW TO USEOn a cotton pad, gently sweep across the face to remove impurities, or as a toner before moisturising.Can ...

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  • Soothe Bamboo Lotion - Mini (20ml) KEEP COOL

    Soothe Bamboo Lotion - Mini (20ml)

    An ultra-lightweight miniature milky lotion powered by Bamboo Water and Hyaluronic Acid to help soothe, hydrate and repair your skin.Formulated with irritated and sensitive skin in mind, this calming mini moisturiser contains 50% Bamboo Water which is rich in amino acids and has natural anti-inflammatory properties.7 different types of Hyaluronic Acid allow this lotion to provide lightweight yet intense hydration that penetrates deep into the skin. Also enriched with a moisture oil blend (including Jojoba oil) for a gorgeous dewy glow. HOW TO USEAfter applying a serum, smooth the lotion ov...