• Dear Darling Water Gel Tint - 12 Colours (4.5g) 12 Colours Etude House

    Dear Darling Water Gel Tint - (4.5g)

    A cult status water based lip tint thats bursting with fruity moisture and vivid colour for the ultimate K-Beauty gradient lip! The new and improved long lasting formula is made with juicy pomegranate and berry extracts to keep lips plump and moisturised all day long!A little goes a long way! This watery gel tint saturates your lips and leaves kiss proof colour behind!  HOW TO USE Dot the tint on your inner lips and blend with you finger to create a soft gradient effect. Wait for the tint to dry and re apply for a higher colour intensity.We recommend adjusting the amount in the tub...

  • My Lip Balm - 11 Colours (15g) 11 Colours Innisfree

    My Lip Balm - (15g)

    Theres always time for tea, including in your makeup routine! Check out these tinted tea-inspired lip balms from Innisfree, for the ultimate sweet splash of hydration and colour!  Formulated with juicy plant oils to wrap the lips in moisture locking barrier, leaving them supple and soft.These can also be used on the cheeks for a dewy flush of colour!  HOW TO USEGently squeeze the tube, and apply to the lips for a boost of hydration, or to prep before following with a lip colour.Apply to finger, and dap onto the cheeks for a pop of colour. SIZE: 15g

  • Dear Darling Water Gel Tint - Ice Cream Edition - 6 Colours (4.5g) 6 Colours Etude House

    Dear Darling Water Gel Tint - Ice Cream Edition - (...

    An adorable summery tint bursting with moisture and vivd long lasting colour! Like sweet ice cream, this luscious tint applies like a juicy popsicle to create a watery refreshing all day stain!They smell just as yummy as they look! With 6 vivd gel tints inspired by the colours of your favourite ice cream.  HOW TO USEFor a classic K-Beauty look, apply the tint starting from the inner area of your lips, and blend outwards for a pretty gradient effect.   SIZE: 4.5g

  • Lip Glowy Balm (10g) Laneige

    Lip Glowy Balm (10g)

    A super sweet range of on the go lip balms, so fruity you'll want to eat them!  This balm instantly soothes dead skin cells by wrapping your lips in a breathable glowy film, which locks in colour and all day moisture! 4 kinds of fruity scent and subtle tints that create a glossy voluminous lip. Perfect on its own for super soft lips, or before your favourite lip colour to create a smooth flawless makeup base.   HOW TO USEGently squeeze the tube onto your finger or directly on your lips, and smooth gently to create silky soft, supple lips.   SIZE: 10g

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  • Dear Darling Water Tint - 3 Colours (9.5g) 3 Colours Etude House

    Dear Darling Water Tint - (9.5g)

    An iconic fruity tint bursting with moisture and sweet long lasting colour!Like freshly squeezed fruit, this juicy tint applies like water and creates a refreshing all day stain.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀They smell just as yummy as they look! Made with real fruits like pomegranate and grapefruit, the vivid formula is lightweight and soft without a sticky feeling.This is the perfect tint for a girly lip gradient, or a splash of colour ♡ HOW TO USEApply the colour concentrated in the centre of your lips, and then use your finger to blend the colour outwards to create a classic gradient lip. SIZE: 9.5g...

  • Vivid Cotton Ink - 20 Colours (4g) 20 Colours Innisfree

    Vivid Cotton Ink - (4g)

    A smooth, long lasting creamy lip tint with a velvet soft natural finish.Infused with Shine Essence Oil Complex (green tea, mango seed, and avocado oil) to keep your lips hydrated and ensure all day colour stay! The Super vivid colour pigment formula comes in 20 gorgeous colours for any and every occasion.    HOW TO USETake a generous amount on the applicator, adjusting it in the bottle, and start in the centre of your lips. Use your finger to blend the colour out to create a soft gradient.Alternatively, trace your lip line with the wand tip, and then fill in the shape with the flat side o...

  • Petite Bunny Gloss Bar - 9 Types (2g) 9 Types TONYMOLY

    Petite Bunny Gloss Bar - (2g)

    Twist and go with this collection of super sweet bunny lip bars, bursting with fruity flavours and and natural hues for a juicy pop of colour! These adorable lip bars are packed full of moisturising Vitamin E to keep your lips soft and plump all day, with a sheer glossy finish. HOW TO USETwist the bottom of the gloss to reveal the bullet, and apply directly onto lips.Can be worn to prep your lips for lipstick, or on its own and a subtle tint. SIZE: 2g

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  • Ink Airy Velvet Tint - 10 Colours (4g) 10 Colours Peripera

    Ink Airy Velvet Tint - (4g)

    A lightweight blurring lip tint with a velvety smooth formula for lips that look so flawless they'll say it's photoshop!  This best selling creamy lip tint from Peripera is richly formulated with juicy mango oil, and soothing green tea seed oil to keep lips hydrated and bouncy! It feels silky smooth on your lips and is highly pigmented, with a long-lasting, soft matte formula!    HOW TO USEFor a classic K-Beauty lip gradient, Start from the centre of your lips, apply a generous amount and then blend outwards with your finger.  For a full, pouty lip, Trace your lip line with the tip of the ...

  • Two Tone Tint Lip Bar - 8 Shades (2g) 8 Shades Laneige

    Two Tone Tint Lip Bar - (2g)

    Your secret to the perfect K-Beauty gradient lip has arrived!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀A lip loving hybrid tint-balm lipstick, with V-cut tip to provide the golden ratio of tint to balm, creating an effortless vivid and flawless ombre of colour.The iconic Laneige Lip Mask is infused into this balms formula, to give you all day hydration and a soft creamy application. HOW TO USEGently push down on the side to reveal the lipstick.Line up the balm side with the outer edges of your lip, and the colour towards the inner of your lips, and swipe from side to side until colour is as desired.   SIZE: 2g

  • Tattoo Lip Tint 10 Colours (6g) 10 Colours Laneige

    Tattoo Lip Tint (6g)

    For lips that pack a punch! A lightweight, vivid lip tint from Laneige with incredible staying power - just like a tattoo!!Using a 3 step water oil formula that's sealed with a light film, the texture creates a satin-smooth lip colour that gently hydrates your lips!So whatever your day holds, you can trust that this tint will stick around  HOW TO USEUse the tapered tip of the applicator to line your cupids bow and fill in the upper lip.Use the flat larger surface of the applicator to generously fill in the lower lip.   SIZE: 6g

  • Ink Matte Blur Tint - 10 Colours (3.8g) 10 Colours Peripera

    Ink Matte Blur Tint - (3.8g)

    A vivid matte finish lip tint, formulated with Peripera's iconic velvety formula for lips so blurred they'll say it's photoshop!  Its super blendable texture and satin lip blurring effect make this tint your secret weapon to the ultimate Korean lip gradient! The high pigment formula forms a silky polymer seal over your lips to keep them hydrated and super matte, what's not to love!?HOW TO USEUntwist the lid to reveal the applicator, and wipe any excess product in the tube.Apply to the lips starting from the centre, and blend out with your finger for a gradient effect. Alternatively, use the...

  • Soft Drink Tint - 5 Colours (4g) 5 Colours Etude House

    Soft Drink Tint - (4g)

    They taste just as sweet as they look! These adorable soda inspired lip tints from Etude House will leave your lips juicy, moisturised, and glossy! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀A bubble popping formula that applies like a gel with 5 explosive colours - each with a unique refreshing scent  HOW TO USEApply the colour in the centre of your lips, and blend outwards to create a soft K-Beauty gradient lip. Size: 4g