• Skinny Microcara Zero Waterproof (3.5g) Innisfree

    Skinny Microcara Zero Waterproof (3.5g)

    Long-lasting without smudging from tears or sebum! Non-hydrophilic powder strong against tears creates one layer and a sebum-blocking film polymer creates another layer. The strengthened layering shield maintains clean eyelash makeup without smudging.  Keep eyelashes neatly curled as if permed without drooping! An ultralight powder that lightly and closely adheres to the lashes is used to keep lashes curled for a long period of time.  NEW skinny micro brush to apply content neatly without any clumps! The skinny micro brush optimised for the eyes meticulously brushes ever...

  • Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara - 4 Colours (8g) 4 Colours Etude House

    Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara - (8g)

    Volume & curling mascara for defined lashes Features an improved C-Curl Brush for precise application. 24-hour smudge-proof formula creates intense lashes as the pigment strongly adheres without smudging or caking. Resistant against sebum, tears and sweat. How to use:  1. Apply the mascara starting at the roots towards the tips of lashes in a zig zag motion  Size: 8g

  • Skinny Microcara - 2 Colours (3.5g) 2 Colours Innisfree

    Skinny Microcara - (3.5g)

    Discover even your tiniest lashes with a micro-brush mascara for a naturally full, long lash look. Formulated with naturally derived powder to add featherweight volume. -2.5mm micro-brush finds even the tiniest lashes for more defined eyes - ideal for under lashes. How to Use: 1. Starting at the roots of the eyelashes, apply by pressing firmly and moving upward in a zigzag fashion. 2. Hold the brush vertically to thoroughly apply onto the short eyelashes in the front and back. 3. Thoroughly apply onto the under lashes for even more wide-eyed and refreshed look. Size: 3.5...

  • Dr. Mascara Fixer For Super Longlash (6ml) Etude House

    Dr. Mascara Fixer For Super Longlash (6ml)

    Transparent fixing gel mascara creates the perfect curl and a waterproof fix to combat any environment and climate.  Contains micro black fibers to maximise lengthening. Infused with Black Food extracts to condition lashes Anti smudge and resistant to sweat and sebum How to Use: After using an eyelash curler, apply under and over mascara to fix the curl and to make your lashes waterproof. Size: 6ml

  • Delight Circle Lens Mascara - 3 Types (8.5g) 3 Types TONYMOLY

    Delight Circle Lens Mascara - (8.5g)

    Black diamond and Carbon black extract give eyes a doe-eyed, circle lens effect. Non-smudging rich voluminous curl. Can be removed easily using warm water Suitable for sensitive skin How to Use: Apply right amount onto eyelash from root making zig zag motion upward. Size: 8.5g

  • Double Needs Pang Pang Mascara - 5 Types (12g) 5 Types TONYMOLY

    Double Needs Pang Pang Mascara - (12g)

    A mascara available in 5 formulas that boost, lengthen, curl to meet the needs of doll-like lashes Lift and thicken every single lash without weighing it down. How to Use: Brush your eyelashes up from the base of your lashes in a zig zag motion Size: 12g