• My Real Squeeze Mask 1pc - 18 Types 18 Types Innisfree

    My Real Squeeze Mask 1pc -

    My Real Squeeze Masks come in 3 levels of hydration:Water base: Light & FreshEssence base: Deeply HydratingCream base: Intensely Nourishing These three types provide the optimal solution of one mask a day, suited to your skin condition, and daily skin needs The thin yet tearing-free transparent sheet adheres lightly to the skin and then effectively delivers essence into the skin.  How to Use: 1. After cleansing, use toner to refine skin texture. 2. Unfold and place the mask on the face, avoiding eye and lip area. 3. Leave on for 10-20 minutes. 4. Discard the ma...

  • Auto Eyebrow Pencil - 7 Colours (0.3g) 7 Colours Innisfree

    Auto Eyebrow Pencil - (0.3g)

    No need for sharpening, this creamy eyebrow pencil is retractable to keep application easy and the formula fresh!The angled tip glides on smoothly to create a soft natural brow, and allows for sharper definition and better control.Formulated with green tea extract to nourish brows  HOW TO USETwist the pencil to release the product, and lightly draw the shape of your brows.Apply more pressure to increase the colour intensity.Finish by smoothing through your brows with the eyebrow brush on the other end, to blend and soften the look. Follow with a brow gel for extra colour definition and ...

  • Vivid Cotton Ink - 20 Colours (4g) 20 Colours Innisfree

    Vivid Cotton Ink - (4g)

    A lightweight velvet lip tint with a soft matte finish Shine essence oil complex ensures the colour stays all day Contains camellia, mango seed, and avocado to keep lips hydrated   How to use:  1. Take an adequate amount and spread out from the center of the lips.  2. Use the flat edge of the wand to outline the lips for a clean contour to define your lip shape Size: 4g

  • Green Tea Seed Serum (80ml) Innisfree

    Green Tea Seed Serum (80ml)

    A fresh moisturising serum, rich in natural green tea antioxidants and amino acids that leaves thirsty skin hydrated, nourished and irresistibly soft! A little goes a long way with this powerful serum. It adsorbs quickly and works to keep skin hydrated for longer without a sticky feeling.Formulated with 100% organic green tea water to lock in moisture, and green tea seed oil to help strengthen your skins natural barrier! With super star ingredients such as Panthenol, that keeps skin dewy and helps to reduce signs of irritation or redness.HOW TO USE After cleansing and toning, pump a few d...

  • Jeju Volcanic Colour Clay Mask - 7 Types (70ml) 7 Types Innisfree

    Jeju Volcanic Colour Clay Mask - (70ml)

    #MULTIMASK your way to better skin with these volcanic powered clay masks from Innisfree!  Mix and match from 7 colours based on your personal skin concerns and needs to create your perfect clay solution.  MASK TYPES: All the masks contain powerful Jeju volcanic scoria to purify pores and control sebum! #YELLOW: A vitamin C derivative volcanic yellow mask that helps to brighten skin tone and lighten dark spots #BLUE: A hyaluronic acid volcanic blue mask that provides hydration to correct your oil and moisture balance.  #PINK: A pomegranate seed oil volcanic pink mask that pro...

  • No Sebum Mineral Powder (5g) Innisfree

    No Sebum Mineral Powder (5g)

    Sebum-absorption powder and mineral sebum-control powder which absorbs excess sebum to leave skin looking bright and smooth.  Contains natural minerals and mint from Jeju which refresh the skin while maintaining the oil and moisture balance.  Corrects clumped up makeup and dull skintones caused by sebum and oil, leaving the skin bright all day long. How to Use: 1. In the last stage of your daily skincare routine, use powder puff to gently apply onto entire face or sebum concentrated areas. 2. This product may also be used in the last stage of makeup or as desired througho...

  • My Lip Balm - 11 Colours (15g) 11 Colours Innisfree

    My Lip Balm - (15g)

    Theres always time for tea, including in your makeup routine! Check out these tinted tea-inspired lip balms from Innisfree, for the ultimate sweet splash of hydration and colour!  Formulated with juicy plant oils to wrap the lips in moisture locking barrier, leaving them supple and soft.These can also be used on the cheeks for a dewy flush of colour!  HOW TO USEGently squeeze the tube, and apply to the lips for a boost of hydration, or to prep before following with a lip colour.Apply to finger, and dap onto the cheeks for a pop of colour. SIZE: 15g

  • Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask 2x (100ml) Innisfree

    Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask 2x (100ml)

    This soft, creamy clay mask is ideal for normal, combination and oily skin types. Global best-selling clay mask helps: to minimize the look of pores, Absorb sebum, Gently exfoliate, Deeply cleanse, Even skin tone and cleanse pollution particles Innisfree has developed a proprietary process called Volcanic Micro Clay™ Technology, to pulverise the Super Volcanic Clusters™ into particles that are smaller than pores to help remove sebum and fine dust without over-drying skin. 2x that features twice more powerful adherence to sebum for intensive pore care. How to Use: 1. Afte...

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  • Green Tea Seed Cream (50ml) Innisfree

    Green Tea Seed Cream (50ml)

    A lightweight moisturising cream, formulated with organic Jeju green tea leaves, and green tea seed oil to instantly nourish the skin with anti-oxidants! Packed with 16 amino acids, this rich cream moisturises as it revitalises to leave skin dewy and moist. The green tea seed oil helps shield your skin from dehydration and impurities throughout the day by forming a protective barrier over your skin. Formulated using the Innisfree 5 Free system (Meaning it does NOT contain: parabens, artificial colours, mineral oil, animal ingredients or ethanol) HOW TO USEAfter cleansing and prepping ...

  • Skinny Microcara Zero Waterproof (3.5g) Innisfree

    Skinny Microcara Zero Waterproof (3.5g)

    Long-lasting without smudging from tears or sebum! Non-hydrophilic powder strong against tears creates one layer and a sebum-blocking film polymer creates another layer. The strengthened layering shield maintains clean eyelash makeup without smudging.  Keep eyelashes neatly curled as if permed without drooping! An ultralight powder that lightly and closely adheres to the lashes is used to keep lashes curled for a long period of time.  NEW skinny micro brush to apply content neatly without any clumps! The skinny micro brush optimised for the eyes meticulously brushes ever...

  • No Sebum Blur Primer (25ml) Innisfree

    No Sebum Blur Primer (25ml)

    A silky pore blurring primer that takes care of oil, large pores, and uneven texture to leave skin prepped, primed, and ready for your makeup! This long lasting mattifing formula is the perfect base for oilier skin tones! Natural mint extract manages sebum production, as Jeju green persimmon tightens pores to ensure skin remains smooth and clear underneath makeup.Formulated with gentle Jeju green tea extract to balance moisture, allowing for all day softness and hydration!  HOW TO USEAfter applying your daily skincare routine, squeeze a small amount of primer onto your finger tips and a...

  • Skinny Microcara - 2 Colours (3.5g) 2 Colours Innisfree

    Skinny Microcara - (3.5g)

    Discover even your tiniest lashes with a micro-brush mascara for a naturally full, long lash look. Formulated with naturally derived powder to add featherweight volume. -2.5mm micro-brush finds even the tiniest lashes for more defined eyes - ideal for under lashes. How to Use: 1. Starting at the roots of the eyelashes, apply by pressing firmly and moving upward in a zigzag fashion. 2. Hold the brush vertically to thoroughly apply onto the short eyelashes in the front and back. 3. Thoroughly apply onto the under lashes for even more wide-eyed and refreshed look. Size: 3.5...