• Auto Eyebrow Pencil - 7 Colours (0.3g) 7 Colours Innisfree

    Auto Eyebrow Pencil - (0.3g)

    Retractable eyebrow pencil with angled tip for more defined arches. Green Tea Extract nourishes the brow area Angled tip glides on easily, doesn’t need sharpening. Natural look and finish How to Use: 1. Lightly draw the shape of your brows, then fill in with the pencil. 2. Use lighter strokes for lighter hair colours. Apply more pressure for darker hair colours. 3. To finish, lightly blend through brows with spooly brush. Size: 0.3g

  • Drawing Eyebrow NEW - 7 Colours (0.25g) 7 Colours Etude House

    Drawing Eyebrow NEW - (0.25g)

    Etude House's most popular eyebrow pencil, with a soft and creamy formula Contains Vitamin E to moisturise your brows for a softer look.   How To Use: Draw your desired brow shape using the edge of the pencil. Refine with the spoolie for a natural finish.  Size: 0.25g

  • Easy Touch Auto Eyebrow - 5 Colours (0.4g) 5 Colours TONYMOLY

    Easy Touch Auto Eyebrow - (0.4g)

    TONYMOLY Easy Touch Auto Eyebrow makes eyebrow contouring easier and more natural for even amateurs. Fine powder prevents lump or smudging by sebum or sweat. How to Use:   1. Colour the middle part of brow with holding the brush uptight ( from the back to front ). 2. Gently comb brows to give a more natural look. Size : 0.4g  

  • Lovely Eyebrow Pencil - 6 Colours (0.1g) 6 Colours TONYMOLY

    Lovely Eyebrow Pencil - (0.1g)

    Double-ended eyebrow liner has a fine-tipped pencil on one end, and a brow brush on the other Powder formulation prevents lumps or smudging caused by sebum or sweat. Define and add colour to your brows with the pencil, or blend multiple colours together with the brush. This also gives a natural finish to your brows. How to Use: 1.Use pencil to draw hair like strokes in sparse areas and create shape 2.Use brush to soften the pencil for a more natural look Size: 0.1g

  • Designing Eyebrow Pencil - 6 Colours (0.3g) 6 Colours The Face Shop

    Designing Eyebrow Pencil - (0.3g)

    Auto eyebrow pencil with square flat brow to design eyebrows with ease and convenience Easy and convenient flat brow design: even a beginner can complete a straight-line eyebrow with ease and convenience by just straight stroking with The FaceShop’s exclusive design flat brow smoother square type applicator ensures less irritation even on sensitive skin to support a smooth and natural-looking eyebrow every day   How to Use: 1. Fill the inside of brow lines with auto-type pencil. 2. Stroke the eyebrows with the brush in the rear to tidy them up.  Size: 0.3g