Transition your Skincare for Spring the K-Beauty Way

K-Beauty Skincare Spring Picks

As the seasons change, so does our skin, and so should our skincare.

With spring in full swing, it's time to swap those richer, heavier creams for warmer-weather products. Here's the lowdown on how to still maximise hydration whilst giving your skin a little extra room to breathe.

Our hand-picked team faves:

Gently exfoliating cleansers for spring

Gentle Exfoliants

With the harsh air of winter, it can leave skin flaky and dry. So, incorporating a super gentle exfoliant 1-2 times per week can help slough off dead skin on the surface to reveal a fresher plumper complexion ready for the new season.

Abib: Acne Foam Cleanser Heartleaf Foam

  • Soothing Korean-grown heartleaf
  • Gently clarifying BHA
  • Soft and bubbly foam with low pH to balance skin
  • Best for: acne-prone skin

beplain: Mung Bean Cleansing Oil

  • Korean mung bean to delicately clarify skin of excess oils and impurities
  • Pore-purifying and skin texture refining
  • Light, watery oil for a refreshing finish
  • Best for: oily, textured skin

Hanskin: Vitamin C Glow Powder Cleanser

  • 3-in-1 enzyme facial wash to exfoliate, cleanse, and brighten
  • Vitamin C to boost skin radiance
  • Unique powder to creamy foam texture
  • Best for: dull skin
Lightweight Hydrating Korean Toner Pad and Toner Mist

Hydrate in Lighter Layers

In the colder months, thicker creams are necessary to protect the skin’s barrier from the dry winter air. However, as the weather warms and our skin naturally produces more oils, lighter yet still hydration-rich creams allow our skin to breathe whilst retaining essential moisture.

The Lab by Blanc Doux: Oligo Hyaluronic Acid 7 Multi-Formula Pad

  • Moisture-boosting toner pads for plumper, smoother skin
  • Award-winning botanical blend to deeply nourish skin
  • Perfect to use as mini sheet masks for ultra-deep hydration
  • Best for: dehydrated and dull skin

 Needly: Cicachid Relaxing Mist

  • Instantly refresh and calm skin for a super dewy finish
  • 90% pure Korean cypress water to deeply nourish skin
  • Patented 'Cicachid Complex' and hyaluronic acid for a true glass-skin glow
  • Best for: sensitive, dehydrated skin
Lightweight Korean Moisturisers

Light yet Moisture-Rich

Miguhara: Green-Tox S.O.S Ampoule

  • Lightweight yet intensive calming and hydrating care
  • 66% Jeju green tea and centella to soothe and revitalise skin
  • Patented Mellatening Complex to brighten and balance
  • Best for: sensitive, acne-prone skin

athé: Vital B Calm Panthenol Ampoule Cream

  • A hybrid, serum-moisturiser to soothe and rebalance
  • 72% tea-tree complex to instantly calm and rejuvenate 
  • Moisture-boosting panthenol to plump skin with essential hydration
  • Best for: all skin types

ISOI: Moisture Dr. Cream

  • 5-layer hyaluronic acid to boost hydration
  • Expert blend of Korean botanicals to calm and boost skin's healthy barrier
  • Fluffy cream is light yet moisture-rich
  • Best for: combination skin 

Anti-oxidant Boosters

As the weather warms and we naturally have more exposure to sunlight and UV rays, incorporating antioxidants into your routine helps protect the skin’s healthy barrier from this increased exposure and environmental aggressors - plus it also helps keep pigmentation caused by sun damage away!

Hanskin: Vitamin C Glow Serum

  • 10% pure vitamin C for a gorgeously radiant glow
  • Super soothing traditional Korean herbal blend rich in anti-oxidants
  • Hydrates, brightens and nourishes
  • Best for: dull skin

glow: clean & polished lemon vitamin toner

  • Anti-oxidant rich pure Jeju lemon water to boost skin radiance
  • 10-layer hyaluronic acid to deeply hydrate
  • Pump dispenser perfect to pair with cotton pads for DIY sheet masks
  • Best for: all skin types

beplain: Multi-Vitamin Ampoule

  • Energising fusion of 6 essential vitamins
  • Effectively targets dullness, pigmentation and dehydration
  • Radiance-boosting and skin-smoothing blend
  • Best for: all skin types + dullness 

Korean SPF Sunscreens for Spring

Spring Sunscreens

As we spend more time outdoors with the warmer weather, UV protection becomes even more crucial to maintaining a healthy glow! This curated selection offers high level UV protection with a lightweight yet hydrating finish, perfect for the transitional season to keep skin amply moisturised without a sticky or heavy feeling.

beplain: Sunmuse Moisture Sunscreen

  • SPF50+ and PA++++ for high-performance sun protection
  • Effortlessly melting milky texture for lightweight moisture-boosting
  • Gentle on sensitive skin
  • Filter type: Chemical
  • Best for: all skin types

athé: Vegan Relief Sun Essence

  • Reef-safe formula with 70% moisture-rich essence
  • Lightweight texture creates the perfect dewy base
  • SPF50+ and PA++++
  • Filter type: Chemical
  • Best for: all skin types

Dr. Ceuracle: 5a Control No Sebum Sun Lotion

  • Expertly formulated for oily, acne-prone skin with a matte finish
  • 5 patented ingredients to tone, control excess oils, tighten pores
  • Filter type: Mineral
  • Best for: oily + combination skin

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