How to Perfect a Korean Manicure at Home with OHORA

by Alethea Demetriou

Korea's no.1 gel nail brand 

With Ohora, achieving salon-quality manicures at home has never been easier.

Here's the ultimate low-down of how to apply your super chic Korean nails to have a manicure to envy in minutes.

Ohora semi-cured Korean gel nails on how to apply

How to Apply:

Now that you've picked your fave design, you're just minutes away from being ready to rock any look. Each box contains 30 stickers, a prep pad for getting your nails primed, a cute mini file, and an application stick to smooth edges for a seamless finish. With the addition of a UV lamp, just follow these simple steps!

Step 1: Prep

Firstly make sure nails are cut down or shaped to your desired length. Starting with squeaky clean hands, use the prep pad provided to wipe over your nails and set you up for the perfect mani.
Top Tip: sweat, oils, creams, any other moisture build up on your nails will reduce nail strip adhesion meaning your manicure may not last as long!

Step 2: Measure

Take out the 30 stickers from the nail box and measure to find the perfect fit to your nail bed size, don't worry about length of the stickers just yet!

Step 3: Apply

Apply relevant stickers to your nails, leaving a tiny space between the strip and the cuticle by pressing on and using the wooden stick to smooth edges down around cuticle for a super natural look.

Step 4: Trim

Trim any excess with nail clippers or file edges with the mini provided. Smooth edges again after cutting.
Top Tip: Filing the nails in a downwards motion rather than a side-to-side curves the edges around your natural nail for better adhesion. 

Step 5: Cure

Cure 1-3 times under the Ohora Gel Lamp. Curing time for each design will vary depending on the complexity of the design! Once cured file edges again for a smooth and chic finish.

Top Tip for the Ohora Gel Lamp
Short click = 45 second curing time
Long click = 60 second curing time

Step 6: Remove

Once nails are ready to come off after around 2 weeks, use the Pro Easy Peel Remover to effortlessly remove strips without damaging your nails. Just use 1-2 drops of the remover on the edge of your nails and use the Pro Easy Dual Stick to gently lift up edges. Nudge off nails in the direction of your cuticle to minimise damage, keep gently pushing until entire nail strip detaches.

Step by step guide on how to apply Ohora semi-cured gel nails

Or watch this handy video!

What are semi-cured gel nail strips?

Ohora's revolutionary Korean nail technology redefines convenience and style. 60% cured with 100% liquid gel nail polish, they are meticulously crafted into a flexible strip for super easy application.

You might wonder, why not 100% cured? Well, this innovative semi-cured approach, followed by a quick finish under a UV lamp, ensures extended adhesion and a salon-quality finish that feels natural and looks incredible. It's truly a game-changer compared to traditional 100% cured press-ons that flick off with even the slightest breeze, we've all been there right?

The semi-cured gel nail strips not only offer stunning Korean nail designs straight off the press but here's the cherry on top – the portable UV lamp adds an extra layer of convenience to your nail care routine. No more bulky nail equipment!

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