Korean Makeup Must-Haves

by Alethea Demetriou

We know all-too-well here at PURESEOUL about the magical effects introducing a Korean skincare routine can have on your skin: along with the abundance of serums, sheet masks and toners that help us achieve that K-Beauty ‘glass skin’ glow. But did you know you can further enhance your routine with Korean makeup? This go-to-guide will give you a rundown of all that K-Beauty has to offer and the best products to enhance your natural beauty!

Korean makeup focuses around enhancing your outer beauty and complimenting your skincare routine to create a natural, flawless base! Perfectly paired with soft velvet lip tints and glittery muted shadows, you’ve got a recipe for the ultimate K-Beauty look!

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Prep & Prime

Your prep is arguably the most important step of your Korean makeup routine! This is where all that hard work you’ve been putting in your skincare routine gets to really shine!

HEIMISH - Artless Glow Base

After applying your usual skincare, follow with this glossy base to create a luxurious radiance and to prep the skin for makeup. This is formulated Niacinamide for some extra anti-ageing and smoothing benefits. What’s not to love?


THANK YOU FARMER - Be Beautiful Pure Makeup Base #Green & #Purple

These multi-tasking colour correcting primers provide the ultimate base for flawless, long-lasting makeup, while also harnessing an abundance of nourishing skincare benefits (wrinkle-smoothing Adenosine, brightening Niacinamide, and hydration-boosting Hyaluronic Acid just to name a few!).

The #Green tint is perfect for 'neutralising' redness making the perfect for irritated and acne-prone skin types, whereas the #Purple shade creates a brighter and more even complexion for dull and tired skin with yellow undertones.


Foundation & BB Cream

Whether you are chasing traditional glass skin, or a supple semi matte finish, Korean brands have the foundation for you! Always lightweight, cake free, and infused with skin loving ingredients.

ROM&ND - NU ZERO Cushion

Build a soft, velvety semi-matte finish with rom&nd's iconic cushion foundation - a must-have K-Beauty item in any flawless makeup routine.

This cushion has lightweight but buildable coverage to create the ultimate even base and helps to manage sebum throughout the day - the soft-touch compact case makes this the perfect handbag companion for touch-ups!

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ROM&ND - Bare Water Cushion

Prefer lighter coverage? This moisture-infused cushion aims to leave a plump and dewy finish with a 'your skin but better' look.

The pact is made with a unique mesh texture that dispenses just the right amount onto the puff - ensuring an even application for that bouncy 'glass-skin' effect.

Refills are also available HERE.


PURITO - Cica Clearing BB Cream

With the perfect blend of skincare and makeup - this hybrid bb cream is a must-have for sensitive skin types who find traditional foundations too heavy but still want light coverage.

The formula boasts soothing and skin barrier-fortifying benefits with it's fusion of Centella Asiatica Extract (K-Beauty's trending calming herb) and moisture-locking Panthenol that leaves the skin looking natural and dewy.


Cheeks & Contour

Blush is often skipped in traditional makeup routines, but when applied slightly below the cheekbones it can create a soft subtle contour and adds youthful colour back into the face. Paired with a light dusting of contour, this duo can really sculpt and lift your face.

LAKA - Love Silk Blush

These charming romantic blushes have the perfect subtle hues of pink and lavender shades to add a delicate pop of colour to your cheeks.

Silky and soft to the touch, the micro radiance powder blend ensures a natural-looking finish upon application - creating a unique mood to your makeup.

ROM&ND - Better Than Cheek

From cool and warm toned pastels to a subtle blend of muted hues, this range of silky blushes from rom&nd create a 'my cheeks but better' look adding a soft flush of colour to your cheeks.

The formula is also buildable, perfect for nights out when you want to create a bolder makeup look!

Available in three collections:

Original series

Milk series

Muteral Nude series



Korean lip trends tend to focus around soft blurs of natural pinks and vibrant reds, with the gradient look being a staple in every girl's makeup routine.

LAKA - Fruity Glam Tint

These best-selling Korean lip tints bring a juicy splash of colour to the lips, available in over 20 fruity shades to suit a variety of moods, skin tones, and makeup looks.

Enriched with plumping moisture, these tints include Kiwi, Mango and Papaya juices to maintain soft and nourished lips throughout the day.


ROM&ND - Blur Fudge Tint

If a buttery matte lip is more your style, these soft blurring tints from rom&nd glide onto the lips like soft melted fudge - creating an instant smoothed crease-free effect on the lips.

Available in 8 gorgeous shades, this fudge tint can be layered with each other or a gloss to create various unique looks.


ROM&ND - Glasting Melting Balm

Want to add subtle tint, moisture, and gloss to the lips without the fuss of carrying multiple products? This viral 3-in-1 twist-up glossy balm from Rom&nd is a Korean lip essential to keep in your handbag at all times.

Packed with nourishing plant oils, this balm glazes over the lips keeping them plumped and glossy all day long.



Korean eye makeup focuses around enlarging your eyes with soft, muted shadows, and shimmery highlights to brighten your eyes.

ROM&ND - Better Than Palette

Rom&nd's iconic 'Better Than Palette' range includes 10-pan garden-inspired eyeshadow palettes are designed to create effortless daily looks with a mix of high contrast silky smooth mattes and shimmery pearl shades.


ROM&ND - Better Than Eyes

Looking for something smaller to take on the go? Rom&nd's 'Better Than Eyes' series features everything you know and love from the original palettes, into a cute 4-pan compact of complimentary shades that include a smooth matte base, a soft main lid, a buttery shimmer and a deep contour colour to create the perfect mix and match looks.

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LAKA - Mono Eyeshadow

If you want to add a moody aura to your eye makeup but don’t want to commit to a bigger palette, Laka's wide range of single creamy matte shadows are perfect for all natural and subtle daily looks.

With a perfectly balanced pigment, these creativity-inspiring shadows are available in more than 20 shades - allowing you to build and blend to your hearts content.


HEIMISH - Dailism Smudge Stop Mascara (Curling)

A smudge and sweat-resistant mascara with a gorgeous creamy anti-clump formula that leaves lashes looking naturally lifted and defined. The soft c-curl wand works to delicately isolate each lash and provides a long-lasting push-up effect that holds the curl all day.

If you prefer to focus on volume, give this a try!



Whether you’re looking to shape a sharp or softer brow, Korean brow products have a mix of pencils and gels for you to sculpt your brows for your desired look of choice.

ROM&ND - Han All Flat Brow

Shape and comb your brows to perfection with rom&nd's range of creamy tapered eyebrow pencils, available in a range of natural shades to compliment the look of your choice.

The pencil tip is flat and straight, and comes with a built-in spoolie for you to effortlessly style a sleek or bushy brow.


LAKA - Wild Brow Shaper

Unlock perfectly polished brows with this 'bold but natural' jelly eyebrow gel that holds, shapes, and tints your brows in one step.

Available in three colours (clear, black, and brown), in just a few quick swipes you can sculpt fuller brows for effortless natural makeup look.


Finishing Touches

No look is complete without a generous spritz of a hydrating mist - especially if glow is the goal for you.


A great pick for those with oily and acne prone skin, this mist is powered by Japanese goldthread root - which has been used in traditional Korean medicine for centuries and is naturally rich in anti-oxidants. Gives you a gorgeous glow without heaviness.

Also available in a 'try-before-you-buy' size HERE.


D'ALBA PIEDMONT - White Truffle First Spray Serum

Enhance your makeup by giving the skin a mist of premium truffle-powered radiance, this spray serum is the perfect dewy setting spray for an all-day glass skin glow.

This viral K-Beauty spritz is renowned for being Korean flight attendants' handbag essential - a holy grail item for glossy looking makeup.

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We hope you’ll have fun exploring the gorgeous world of Korean makeup!

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