• APIEU icing sweet bar watermelon flavour pink sheet mask 4 Types A'PIEU

    Icing Sweet Bar Sheet Mask - 1pc ()

    Super sweet hypoallergenic sheet masks bursting with juicy fruit extracts to hydrate and nourish the skin!    MASK TYPESHanrabong (Brightening): Rich in vitamin C, Hanrabong extract brightens and clarifies the skin, whilst with hazel extract gently soothes redness and irritation.  Melon (Soothing): Juicy melon and kiwi extract nourish and soothe the skin whilst improving overall complexion. Watermelon (Hydrating): Refreshing watermelon extract that's rich in amino acids nourishes the skin as deep sea water hydrates and moisturises.  Pineapple (Smoothing): Sweet pineapple helps to gently exf...

  • Madecassoside Ampoule (30ml) A'PIEU

    Madecassoside Ampoule (30ml)

    Comfort irritated and sensitive skin with this two ingredient high concentration ampoule, containing 99% Centella Asiatica extract to provide the ultimate soothing hydration for irritated skin. This moisturising ampoule forms a lightweight film over the skin to create a protective barrier against pollutants and irritants, helping improve your skins natural barrier. With just 2 ingredients and no added nasties, this is purely gentle skincare! HOW TO USEAfter cleansing and toning, use this ampoule to comfort and soothe skin. Apply 2/3 drops to the face a smooth gently over your face. Please n...

  • Madecassoside Intensive Cream (50ml) A'PIEU

    Madecassoside Intensive Cream (50ml)

    A multi-tasking intensive cream that helps to brighten skin, and provide soothing rich moisture to strengthen your skins natural barrier. This calming cream forms a lightweight moisture barrier to richly hydrate and protect the skin without a greasy feeling. Formulated with a eco natural Cermaide complex consisting of oleic acid, palmitic acid and linoleic acid to help keep skin protected from pollutants and irritants.  Also featuring 40% Centella Asiatica Leaf Water to provide soothing and gentle moisture for irritated and acne prone skin, and powerful Niacinamide to brighten your skins co...

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  • APIEU banna flavour milk one pack sheet mask front view 7 Types A'PIEU

    Milk One-Pack - 1pc ()

    Super soft hypoallergenic sheet masks infused with a creamy milk essence to hydrate and nourish the skin!   MASK TYPESBanana Milk (Nourishing): Featuring banana to promote a healthy complexion, and royal jelly to deeply moisturise skin. Chocolate (Smoothing): Cacao extract helps to exfoliate for a softer smoother complexion, whilst Japanese apricot extract cleanses and purifies.    Strawberry (Brightening): Juicy strawberry extracts visibly brightens as pearl extract gives a luminous radiance to skin tone. White Milk (Hydrating): Featuring milk protein extract to gently exfoliate and refin...

  • Real Big Yogurt One-Bottle - 1pc (5 Types) 5 Types A'PIEU

    Real Big Yogurt One-Bottle - 1pc ()

    A lightweight, super-soft hypoallergenic sheet mask. Formulated with yoghurt extract and probiotics, rich in protein and vitamin B2 to soften sebum and nourish the skin!    MASK TYPESMango (Brightening): Rich in brightening vitamin C, sweet mango extract helps to even out your skin tone and lighten scarring! Strawberry (Hydrating): Sweet strawberry extract hydrates and brightens the skin to leave it glowy and dewy! Apple (Smoothing): Juicy apple extract rich in antioxidants, helps to smooth out rough skin and improve elasticity.Blueberry (Balancing): Fresh blueberry extract supplies the ski...