• My Beauty Tool Jelly Fish Silicon Brush Etude House

    My Beauty Tool Jelly Fish Silicon Brush

    An adorable silicone jellyfish brush to add a splash of etude cuteness to your cleansing routine.This soft brush helps to massage the skin to create create thick foamy lathers, and provides gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin cells. HOW TO USEUse on days you need a little extra TLC and physical exfoliation in your cleansing routine.Wet the brush, and squeeze some of your favourite cleanser into the hole in the bottom of the brush. Work up a soft lather in your hands, and then use the top bristles in small massaging circles around your face. Thoroughly rinse the brush after use, ready for...

  • My Beauty Tool Secret Brush 121 Skin Etude House

    My Beauty Tool Secret Brush 121 Skin

    A must have for every foundation perfectionist! This multi head brush from Etude house helps to effortlessly blend liquid foundation for a flawless, dewy finish.Comes with a soft brush tip for even application, and a bouncy sponge tip for blending and product building.    HOW TO USEApply your favourite foundation onto the back of your hand, and dab with the brush onto your face.Use sweeping strokes to evenly distribute the foundation across your face, being careful NOT to go in circles (circles can emphasise an uneven skin texture)Switch the sponge to pat the foundation into your skin, ...