Put down the makeup wipes, close that micellar water and listen up!
Whilst you've been searching high and low for your ultimate serum, testing toners and swatching moisturisers, chances are you've forgotten to perfect the most important step of your routine….cleansing!


Let me introduce you to the beloved Double Cleanse!
Like most good skincare advice the double cleanse is a Korean philosophy that revolves around the idea of, you guessed it, cleansing twice. First with an oil based cleanser to melt away all traces of makeup and stubborn SPF, followed by a water based cleanser to rebalance the skin and remove dirt and stubborn sebum.

This killer combo ensures you can start your routine with a fresh and totally cleansed base that will ultimately result in better absorption and effectiveness of the rest of your skincare, and who doesn't want that!?



Throughout the day dirt, sweat and bacteria will have had the chance to accumulate on your skin, and if you live in a city no doubt pollution and free radicals have found their way onto your face too! That's why it's essential to double cleanse as the first step of your night time routine, this will ensure those nasties won't cause breakouts and premature ageing as you sleep.

Don't throw out that trusty micellar water just yet! If you feel like a double cleanse may be too much in the morning, you can always swipe your face with some micellar water for a quick refresh. 

It's also totally fine to double cleanse again in the morning, in fact we definitely recommend doing so if you feel the night was sweaty or you didn't let your moisturiser absorb properly (and as a result have half your pillow stuck to your face - we've all done it).


Worry not, here at PURESEOUL we've assembled our ultimate K-Beauty Double Cleanse sets based on our favourite cleansers for each skin type, check them out below! 


- Oil Base: Clean It Zero Revitalising Balm (BANILA CO)
Formulated especially for Oily and Breakout prone skin, this gentle hypoallergenic cleansing balm is packed full of antioxidants! Infused with grape seed to protect your skin from pollutants and the first signs of ageing.

- Water Base: Salicylic Acid Daily Gentle Cleanser (COSRX)
We love this rich foamy cleanser for acne prone skin! It's formulated with Tea Tree and 0.5% salicylic acid to unclog pores and reduce breakouts!



- Oil Base: Clean It Zero Original Balm (BANILA CO)
This best selling cleansing balm is formulated with active botanicals, hot Springs Water, Vitamin E and Vitamin C for a healthy clear complexion! 

- Water Base: All Clean White Clay Foam (HEIMISH)
Perfect for combo skin, this cleanser is made with white clay to draw out sebum and impurities for a fresh, clear complexion.


- Oil Base: Rice Water Bright Rich Cleansing Oil (BANILA CO)
A rich nourishing cleansing oil, made with gentle bran oil and kukui seed oil to melt away makeup and moisturise dry, dehydrated skin. 

- Water Base: Green Tea Foam Cleanser (INNISFREE)
This silky foaming cleanser is formulated with antioxidant rich Green Tea to keep your skin dewy and moisturised!


- Oil Base: All Clean Balm (HEIMISH) 
A super silky cleansing balm, powered by flowers! Rich shea butter and botanical extracts nourish and melt away makeup.

- Water Base: Clean It Zero Foam Cleanser (BANILA CO)
Unclog pores and dirt with this deep cleaning foam cleanser, that leaves your skin feeling fresh and hydrated! 


- Oil Base: Rice Water Bright Light Cleansing Oil (INNISFREE)
Formulated specially for oily skin, this lightweight oil cleanser contains jojoba oil and brightening rice bran extract! 

- Water Base: Good Morning Low pH Daily Cleanser (COSRX)
A rebalancing gel cleanser with natural BHA’s to keep sebum and breakouts at bay without stripping the skin. 



- Oil Base: Clean It Zero Purifying Cleansing Balm (BANILA CO)
This hypoallergenic balm is perfect for sensitive skin, and contains calming Centella Asiatica, brightening liquorice root, and soothing green tea & aloe vera extracts! 

- Water Base: Defence Barrier pH Cleansing Foam (PURITO)
A gentle rebalancing gel cleanser with a low pH, and grapefruit extract to softly exfoliate your skin for a refreshed, clear complexion.

You can shop our entire range of cleansers HERE, and discover your dream team duo! 

Gracie ♡