Our ultimate guide to the famous 10-step skincare routine!
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 10 steps!? To a K-Beauty newbie this may sound overwhelming and unnecessary, but let us introduce you to the ultimate Korean skincare routine that will have your glowing like never before! 



Relying on a cleanser to remove your 2-day old waterproof mascara is a recipe for disaster. Start giving your lashes the love they deserve, and use a gentle makeup remover before bed to take care of everything!

Here at PURESEOUL, we love the ETUDE HOUSE Cicapair Lip and Eye Remover! Formulated with cicapair to calm and soothe your eyes. This product works wonders on stubborn lipstick too, what’s not to love?



Something Korean girls can’t live without, the double cleanse. It sounds complicated but to put it simply, use an oil or a balm cleanser to remove oil-based impurities like sebum, SPF and makeup. Followed by a foam/ water based cleanser to remove daily build-ups like dirt and sweat!

Try the Clean It Zero Balm from BANILA CO for a milky oil cleanse, and the Low PH Daily Cleanser from COSRX for a refreshing gentle cleanse. This dream team will have you cleansing like a true Korean beauty.

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* Get into a habit of doing this before bed to remove all the build-up from throughout the day, it’s not necessary for the morning. Instead, you can quickly sweep over your face with gentle cleansing water like the Refresh Water from HEIMISH.



This step is not for daily use, we recommend a gentle exfoliation between 2 and 3 times a week for normal skin, but this can vary depending on your personal skin needs. This step is especially  recommended to those of you with stubborn blackheads or clogged pores!

We love using chemical exfoliators like the K-Beauty cult classic One Step Original Clear Pads from COSRX. These are our favourite for lazy days as it comes with 70 pre-soaked pads!
For those of you who love a physical scrub, treat your skin to the super sweet Black Sugar Wash Off Mask from SKINFOOD.

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Toners are an essential part of any skincare routine. They are responsible for creating a clean and absorbent base and help to remove any traces of cleanser from your skin.

Try the SoonJung pH 5.5 Relief Toner from ETUDE HOUSE. We love the gentle hypoallergenic formula as there’s no fragrance, essential oils or pore clogging nasties. It's also lovingly made for all skin types! 

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* Do this step both in the morning and the evening after cleansing/refreshing, and always before a sheet mask!



A lightweight watery moisturiser with toning properties, this is the secret step for those of you chasing a dewy glow or the ultimate K-Beauty “glass skin” look!
The essence is not essential depending on your skins unique needs, but we highly recommend it if you have dry or dull skin as it adds an extra layer of hydration and preps your skin before a more intense moisturiser.

Try the Time Revolution - The First Treatment Essence RX from MISSHA! A cult favourite with some added anti-ageing and brightening benefits! 

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* Use this in the evening (and in the morning if you need to) by applying with your fingers (not a cotton pad) to press or pat it into your skin. This is a great step to incorporate a facial massage with as you can use gentle circular motions to increase circulation.



These guys are what gives K-Beauty it’s glowing reputation! This is the part where you get to choose a juicy treatment product to target a specific skin concern. From fine lines and wrinkles, to dullness and pigmentation, there’s nothing a serum can’t fix.

Try starting with the holy grail status, Time Revolution - Night Repair Pro-Bio Ampoule from MISSHA for an all-round anti-ageing, hydrating ampoule, which is packed full of fermented probiotics, making it a personal favourite of ours.

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* Do this step in the evening before bed so the treatment can work its magic whilst you sleep! You can apply a different serum (or the same) in the morning for some extra magic!



This is our favourite part and arguably the most famous step of the Korean skincare routine! A chill-out essential for any bedroom spa day, you won’t run out of brands and types to try as there’s a sheet mask for everything and anything! 

You can use masks as often or as little as you like, it depends on you and what your skin needs. We definitely recommend bringing these in your travel luggage as they are the saviours of the dreaded “in-flight dryness”.

Our favourites are the My Real Squeeze masks from INNISFREE as they are lightweight, and packed full of nutritious ingredients with a type for every mood and concern. 

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Your eyes are surrounded by delicate skin that often needs extra love and care.
This area is much more prone to wrinkles and fine lines so eye cream is a very important step in maintaining youthful bouncy under eyes.

In the evening apply an eye cream with your ring finger and dab gently to avoid pulling at the skin. You can also use a cream or eye mask in the morning to de puff and hydrate your eyes before any makeup.

Try this Jeju Orchid Eye Cream from INNISFREE that’s packed with anti-ageing ingredients, and has a unique velvety formula that strengthens the skin.

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Think of a moisturiser as the final seal in protecting all your hard work! Coming in many forms such as creams, gels, or facial oil, there's a moisturiser out there for everyone!

Our go-to is the Chok Chok Green Tea Watery Cream from TONYMOLY as it’s not too heavy, and after a full routine of some crazy hydration layering a lightweight cream is all you need to finish up.

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* Do this in the morning and at night, but it’s always dependent on your skin type and how it feels in the moment. Those of you with oily skin might can skip the essence step if it feels too heavy, but we always recommend moisturising (Oily skin needs hydration too!).



This final step is THE MOST IMPORTANT! Sunscreen has been really under-stressed in the west and a lot of people are still unaware of how necessary it is. Sun damage is the main cause of ageing that can lead to hyperpigmentation, sunspots and fine lines. Sunscreen should always be a part of your morning routine, even if you are a full-on vampire with a UV umbrella, NO ONE is safe from the sun!

Try the Comfy Water Sun Block from PURITO, as it’s a lightweight physical sunscreen with NO fragrance or essential oils - making it perfect for even the most sensitive skin!

*You only need to apply this as the last stage of your morning routine