We all know about the magic of Korean skincare and the abundance of serums, sheet masks and toners that help us chase the ultimate K-Beauty glow, but let me introduce you to the wonderful world of Korean makeup, and how you can use the best products to transform your natural beauty! 

Unlike western trends where makeup is designed as a mask to hide your complexion, Korean makeup focuses around enhancing and working with your skincare routine to create a natural, undetectable base! Pair this flawless skin look with the soft velvet lip tints and glittery muted shadows, and you’ve got a recipe for the ultimate K-Beauty look!  

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Step 1 - Prep & Prime 

Your prep is arguably the most important step of your Korean makeup routine! This is where all that hard work you’ve been putting in your skincare routine gets to really shine! 

- HEIMISH Artless Glow Base
After applying your usual skincare, follow with this glossy base to create a luxurious radiance and to prep the skin for makeup. This is formulated Niacinamide for some extra anti-ageing and smoothing benefits. What’s not to love? 

- SON & PARK Beauty Filter Cream Glow
This whipped lightweight primer cream contains real pearl extracts and a nourishing cocktail of floral extracts for radiant, picture-perfect skin. With a soft pink undertone, this primer helps to conceal uneven skin and blurs pores without clogging or feeling heavy on the skin.


Step 2 - Foundation

Whether you are chasing traditional Glass Skin, or a supple semi matte finish, Korean brands have the foundation for you! Always lightweight, cake free, and infused with skin loving ingredients.

- MIZON Snail Repair Intensive BB Cream
Formulated with sensitive skin types in mind, this innovative BB cream contains no fragrances or essential oils, and is powered by a soothing mix of 35% Snail Filtrate and Allatonin to reduce redness and irritation.

- MISSHA M Magic Cushion
Here's where the magic happens! This cult status cushion foundation from MISSHA is a must-have in any K-Beauty enthusiasts routine! Formulated with photo-well blurring powder to correct a dull, uneven complexion, and create a brighter, more radiant skin tone.
Available in a Semi Matte finish (Cover Lasting), and a dewy finish (Moist Up)


Step 3 - Cheeks & Contour

Blush is often skipped in western makeup, but when applied slightly below the cheekbones it can create a soft subtle contour and adds youthful colour back into the face. Paired with a light dusting of contour, this duo can really sculpt and lift your face.


- THE SAEM Saemmul Single Blusher
These superfine powders have truly stood the test of time as a K-beauty cult favourite! They are famously enriched with a unique 7 jewel complex and sebum control powder for a soft, natural and super silky finish. 

- THE SAEM Saemmul Single Blusher - Shading
From the same iconic blush line come these subtle contour powders. Ideal for shading your nose, cheekbones and even as an eyeshadow.


Step 4 - Lips 

Lip liners are nowhere to be seen in Korean lip trends. Instead of overlining, trends focus around soft blurs of natural pinks and vibrant reds, with the gradient look being a staple in every girl's makeup routine. 

UNLEASHIA Non-sticky Dazzle Tint
Designed as a lip tint/lip gloss hybrid, this high-shine formula has the pigment of a tint with the glow of a gloss without the traditional sticky feeling. 
Also Infused with UNLEASHIA's signature blend of micro-fine glitter pearls that reflect in the light and give a natural-looking shimmer to the lips.

UNLEASHIA Hug Velvet Tint
These irresistible lip tints provide a vivid veil of colour that's lightweight and buildable, wrapped up in an ultra-soft velvety formula. Complete with a unique stretching lock system that smooths out lines and keeps your lips soft for an instant blurred effect.


Step 5 - Eyes

Korean eye makeup focuses around enlarging your eyes with soft, muted shadows, and shimmery highlights to brighten your eyes.

- UNLEASHIA Glitterpedia - No.2 All Of Brown
a 9-pan luxury palette designed for daily looks with a mix of nude matte and shimmery pearl shades. 
Inspired by rich chocolatey tones, this palette features 3 silky smooth mattes, 1 matte pearl, and a stunning mix of holographic glitter balms and delicate shimmers.

- HEIMISH Dailism Smudge Stop Mascara
A smudge and sweat-resistant mascara with a gorgeous creamy anti-clump formula that leaves lashes looking naturally lifted and defined. The soft C-Curl wand works to delicately isolate each lash and provides a long-lasting push-up effect that holds the curl all day.


Step 6 - Finishing Touches

No look is complete without a generous spritz of a hydrating mist - especially if glow is the goal for you.

A great pick for those with Oily & Acne Prone skin, this mist is powered by Japanese goldthread root - which has been used in traditional Korean medicine for centuries and is naturally rich in anti-oxidants. Gives you a gorgeous glow without heaviness. 

HEIMISH Bulgarian Rose Water Mist Serum
Formulated with 88% Bulgarian Rose Water, this mist is the ultimate nutrient moisture combo for a classic glass skin finish.

We hope you’ll have fun exploring the gorgeous world of Korean makeup!
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