We all know about the magic of Korean skincare and the abundance of serums, sheet masks and toners that help us chase the ultimate K-Beauty glow, but let me introduce you to the wonderful world of Korean makeup, and how you can use the best products to transform your natural beauty! 

Unlike western trends where makeup is designed as a mask to hide your complexion, Korean makeup focuses around enhancing and working with your skincare routine to create a natural, undetectable base! Pair this flawless skin look with the soft velvet lip tints and glittery muted shadows, and you’ve got a recipe for the ultimate K-Beauty look!  

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Step 1 - The Flawless Glow 

Your prep and foundation are arguably the most important step of your Korean makeup routine! This is where all that hard work you’ve been putting in your skincare routine gets to really shine! 

- Artless Glow Base (HEIMISH)
After applying your usual skincare, follow with this glossy base to create a luxurious radiance and to prep the skin for makeup. This is formulated Niacinamide for some extra anti-ageing and smoothing benefits. What’s not to love? 

- M Magic Cushion Moist Up (MISSHA)
Here's where the magic happens! This cult status glowy cushion foundation from MISSHA is a must-have in any K-Beauty enthusiasts routine! Formulated with photo-well blurring powder to correct a dull, uneven complexion, and create a brighter, more radiant skin tone.


Step 2 - The Brows

Soft and fluffy! The secret of the Korean brow trend is a light hand and natural flicked strokes.

- Drawing Eyebrow (ETUDE HOUSE)
ETUDE HOUSE’s best selling brow pencil, this soft twistable formula contains vitamin-E to nourish brows! Lightly fill in any sparse areas but avoid harsh lines and over defining. 

- Colour My Brows (ETUDE HOUSE)
Follow up with this creamy brow gel to set the shape and define each hair, or to add colour if you are using one different from your natural hair colour.


Step 3 - The Eyes! 

Korean eye makeup focuses around enlarging your eyes with soft, muted shadows, and shimmery highlights to brighten your eyes.

- Dailism Eye Palette - Brick Brown (HEIMISH)
A highly pigmented luxury eyeshadow palette with 8 silky colours inspired by the dark, rustic browns of the city! Use this palette to contour your lids and add subtle hues of colour to warm up your eye area.

- Mirror Holic Liquid Eyes (ETUDE HOUSE)
Use this glitter packed liquid eyeshadow in the centre of your lids after applying your powder shadow, for brighter, wider eyes. Can also be dotted in the corners of your eyes to give you a more awake look. 

- Skinny Microcara Zero Waterproof (INNISFREE)
Complete the look with this best selling mascara from INNISFREE! Featuring a 2.5mm micro brush to give even the tiniest of lashes some love, and create that iconic wide-eye look.


Step 4 - Powders 

Blush is often skipped in western makeup, but when applied slightly below the cheekbones it can create a soft subtle contour and adds youthful colour back into the face. Dusting a little across the bridge of your nose is also a popular trend at the moment! 

- Sebum-Cut Powder (MISSHA)
Poreless and flawless, that's the goal with powder! Set your under eyes and T-zone for a soft blurred effect. This super-soft micro powder from MISSHA is as fine as powdered sugar, and perfect for mattifying troublesome areas. 

- Lovely Cookie Blusher (ETUDE HOUSE)
Try this silky cookie blusher, with a creamy sebum control formula, complete with a super cute puff for the perfect blush look! 

Step 5 - The Gradient Lip

Lip liners are nowhere to be seen in Korean lip trends. Instead of overlining, trends focus around soft blurs of natural pinks and vibrant reds, with the gradient look being a staple in every girl's makeup routine. 

Lip liners are nowhere to be seen in Korean lip trends. Instead of overlining, trends focus around soft blurs of natural pinks and vibrant reds, with the gradient look being a staple in every girl's makeup routine. 


We had to start with this iconic, cult classic watery lip tint from ETUDE HOUSE! Tints are essential for setting your make-up mood! Use a fiery red like #RD302 for a fierce look, or a soft shade like #0R201 for a natural flush of colour.

Who has time for blending nowadays? Cheat your way to the ultimate gradient lip with this creamy two-toned lip bar! Formulated with an intense colour for your inner lip, and a hydrating balm to blend outwards in just one swipe!

We hope you’ll have fun exploring the gorgeous world of Korean makeup, here are some ETUDE HOUSE Red Velvet looks that we love to give you a little inspiration.

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